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dream of creating.....

I want to share with you how this project was born. All started one Saturday afternoon reunion after 10 years without seeing my great friend from adolescence. Like all reunions, the first thing you do is catch up on some issues that are not discussed over the phone at a distance, those weights that we carry and dreams that we believe are unattainable. One afternoon was enough to feel empowered and without thinking much about it, joining knowledge we begin to shape this project where the main purpose is to positively impact the present and future of our clients.

Each one of us grew and trained in different areas, I dedicated myself to develope excellency, raising safety standards, developing protocols, supervising and making everything work correctly within the two companies (energy / oil and health) to which I served and dedicated a large part of my life. In parallel, my great friend was preparing and developing in the area of cosmetology and in the advancement of equipment related to skin care, managing to benefit her clients not only because of her extensive knowledge, but also because of her dedication and stunning attention.

I am passionate, responsible and committed; For this reason, I have selected a great work team made up of specialists with a high level of knowledge and customer service, which allows us to offer a quality service reviewing every detail so that our clients have a unique experience in each visit.

Today more than ever grateful for life and every opportunity it has offered to me, to the people who put their trust in me and who in one way or another have helped me to continue with this project. To me for always moving forward with optimism and faith. And to you, for each visit you make. I assure you, you will leave our place relaxed and happy.

Luisanna Rodriguez